In the beginning there was a post…

Hello there,

This is the start of something that I have wanted to do for a while now, a blog revolving around my professional life where I can showcase ideas, lessons or other useful bits of information that will in turn help you in some way – or so I hope!

One of the amusing things that have helped me over the years is the relatively unknown or small-scale blog posts written by other Network Engineers and experts which happened to solve a verify specific and niche problem that I was experiencing. I hope that in turn I can pay that forward to you in one way or another by sharing¬†my ‘Ah-Ha!’ moments or insights and lessons that I’ve learned throughout my career.

On this site you’ll find, at a high level, three main types of posts:

  1. Anecdotes and experiences.
    Moments where I’ve had to solve a problem, create something new or otherwise¬†engage in some situation that I thought was worth sharing.
  2. Technical Posts.
    Very specific posts about a technology, whether it be the implementation, analysis or review of some sort of technology in the networking and security space.
  3. Lifehacks.
    Tips and tricks that made my job and life a lot easier – hopefully they can make yours easier too!

I’ll do my best to appropriately tag and link my posts and information for your benefit (and mine too!)